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RecENGINE™ is a first of its kind business intelligence & analytics tool that dynamically recommends offers at the customer level, effectively optimizing marketing best practices. RecENGINE™ uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to completely analyze personalized consumer behavioral data and accurately predict the credit and risk worthiness of a customer profile.

How does it work?

RecENGINE™ processes complex data sets using R/SAS based on a predictive algorithm, which accurately defines the risk profile of a customer followed by rule based segmentation to define characteristics of a particular segment to be targeted for a particular offer. Data is dynamically updated for each customer to recommend offers.


Sentimentics is a customizable system designed for sentiment analysis of Companies on the web. Sentiments can be identified as positive, neutral, or negative comments on the web from any publicly accessible site or app where users post comments including Twittter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Instagram, Glassdoor, Angie’s List, etc. Resulting analyses are displayed as easy to use graphs for simple interpretation data.

What are some of the functional highlights of Sentimentics?

Web URLs are variable parameters defined in configuration files – at anytime new web URL can be added or removed from web crawling and data mining; Categorization of the Sentiments are predefined; Sentiments are defined as positive and negatives words as per the AFINN dictionary; Automatic schedule to run the sentiment data analysis of to produce reports; The end reports can be produced in the form of Graphs, data is spreadsheets for further processing; Sentiment tracking can use multiple dimensions for analysis to allow for proactive, customer insight driven actions

Financial Services

Get the tools needed to ensure regulatory compliance, improve operations, increase market share, and minimize risk, and ensure great customer service.

As banking and financial products proliferate and grow in complexity, the financial services industry is in a perpetual state of flux. Regulations, mergers, and other industry trends require a continued focus on reducing risk, while targeted marketing initiatives rely on technology solutions that harness the power of Big Data.

Our e-commerce, Big Data, and mobility solutions give banks and credit institutions the tools they need to ensure regulatory compliance, improve operational efficiency, increase market share, and minimize risk—all while ensuring superior customer service. With an emphasis on credit, debit, and smart card providers, our key capabilities include payment transaction and application processing, mobile payment enablement, risk detection, back-office fulfillment, merchant processing, and more.

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Publication Media and advertisement

Online media use grows exponentially, challenging media and entertainment companies to reinvent established development & distribution models.

Online media use is growing exponentially and challenging media and entertainment companies to reinvent established development and distribution models. Companies that are unable to keep pace with changing customer demands are seeing an erosion of revenue and shrinking market share from traditional outlets.

We help media and entertainment companies address these important issues, while aligning technology solutions with content offerings and fluctuating customer demand. Our innovative solutions like cloud computing, Big Data, and fully integrated mobile technologies enable telecommunications companies to provide fast speeds and greater access to broadband connectivity, while responding to customer demand and competitive pressures.