About us


At Bluestar we believe in harnessing the power of technology to transform business.

We partner with our clients to overcome their greatest IT challenges and build strong, agile enterprises guided by insightful strategy, streamlined productivity, and an eye toward the future. With a passion for innovation, we conceptualize and architect IT solutions that solve real business problems. We do more than invest in technology. We apply our deep, global, industry expertise and consultative approach to create solutions that drive change.

  • Our e-commerce solutions not only enable you to respond to rapidly changing customer behavior, but also bridge marketing and IT to engage with target audiences and deliver brand continuity across the web.

  • Our mobility solutions do more than tackle the BYOD corporate IT landscape. They enable you to unlock workforce productivity and create a deeply integrated, mobile experience across all platforms and devices.

  • Our cloud solutions not only improve operational efficiency for mission-critical applications and data centers, but also enhance agility, innovation and responsiveness across the enterprise.

  • Our Big Data solutions do more than aggregate data. They turn data into analytics and business intelligence solutions that bring actionable insight to business strategy.

And we do it all at a moment’s notice—offering better agility and flexibility than large consulting firms that are hampered by red tape and legacy processes. Headquartered in Voorhees, New Jersey, Bluestar Technology Solutions is led by a team of technology experts and innovators with more than two decades of experience. We work with global enterprises and mid-sized organizations in the financial services, telecommunications, media, retail, government, and healthcare industries.

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