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Financial Services

Get the tools needed to ensure regulatory compliance, improve operations, increase market share, and minimize risk, and ensure great customer service.

As banking and financial products proliferate and grow in complexity, the financial services industry is in a perpetual state of flux. Regulations, mergers, and other industry trends require a continued focus on reducing risk, while targeted marketing initiatives rely on technology solutions that harness the power of Big Data.

Our e-commerce, Big Data, and mobility solutions give banks and credit institutions the tools they need to ensure regulatory compliance, improve operational efficiency, increase market share, and minimize risk—all while ensuring superior customer service. With an emphasis on credit, debit, and smart card providers, our key capabilities include payment transaction and application processing, mobile payment enablement, risk detection, back-office fulfillment, merchant processing, and more.

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Publication Media and advertisement

Online media use grows exponentially, challenging media and entertainment companies to reinvent established development & distribution models.

Online media use is growing exponentially and challenging media and entertainment companies to reinvent established development and distribution models. Companies that are unable to keep pace with changing customer demands are seeing an erosion of revenue and shrinking market share from traditional outlets.

We help media and entertainment companies address these important issues, while aligning technology solutions with content offerings and fluctuating customer demand. Our innovative solutions like cloud computing, Big Data, and fully integrated mobile technologies enable telecommunications companies to provide fast speeds and greater access to broadband connectivity, while responding to customer demand and competitive pressures.


Reduce costs and ensure efficient utilization, while providing quality care in the face of The Affordable Care Act, regulation, and coding system reforms.

The U.S. healthcare industry is experiencing widespread reform. The Affordable Care Act, regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, strict compliance rules, and coding system reforms like ICD-10 create significant challenges for healthcare providers and health plans. Reducing costs and ensuring efficient utilization while providing quality care is of utmost concern in the healthcare industry. Doing so under sweeping change is difficult at best.

We help healthcare providers and health plans maximize their IT infrastructure and Big Data to streamline operations and gain insight into utilization, claims, and clinical imperatives. Our solutions improve collaboration between patients, providers, and health plans; simplify mobile information access; and enable better analytics and decision-making.


Offer robust shopping experiences and maximize profits while anticipating changes to consumer demands.

E-commerce has changed retail as we know it. No longer are retail organizations limited to what they can display in brick-and-mortar stores. What’s more, mobile shopping and payments, group buying, online discounts, and other retail trends offer even greater opportunity. However, such opportunity brings great complexity to the retail IT environment.

We help retail organizations build their front-end e-commerce environments, while ensuring mobile-responsive design and complete back-end integration. Ultimately, our cloud, Big Data, and mobility solutions help retailers offer robust shopping experiences and maximize profits while anticipating changes to consumer demands.


Telecom top management knows that their products are really bundles and the future lies with data and data services. Stabilizing churn, customer acquisition and retention are all key concerns in this fast-moving industry.

Bluestar Technology Solutions has the industry’s most advanced telecom e-commerce solution, including leading-edge product bundling, which when combined with our e-commerce solutions, allows telecoms to monetize any customer touch point. Our experience in telecom e-commerce, and adjacent fields including media, entertainment and technology allow us to offer a level of expertise that is unrivaled.

Modernize your commerce infrastructure and gain access to dynamic bundling, pricing, subscriptions, offer management and improved merchandising. Streamline plans, equipment packages and content offerings for a vastly improved consumer experience, higher average order values and reduced acquisition costs.