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Bluestar : Step into an Abode Where Talent is the Showstopper

Every employee desires to be a part of the environment where their talents are appreciated rather than their academic degrees and where their profession is not a mundane job, but career advancement. It is also part of their dream to boast of a work culture where they can not only master the technologies, but also flourish as a leader and not to mention. Unfortunately, we live in the world where majority of the companies emphasize more on reaping in customers, while only few shine by walking the road less travelled – the road of filling flesh to their inner customers’ dreams. A New jersey, U.S. headquartered technology enabler Bluestar Technology Solutions stands as a glorious example for those rare-breeds and it is this ethos which has made the company to stand unruffled through their resource-driven best minds and their holistic cloud strategies which have stirred up a paradigm shift in the industry in its third year already.

Bluestar Technology Solutions Where Talent Seizes the Limelight

Today, where businesses compete to shine through the clutter of fierce competition, customer loyalty is a business-must lifeline. Unfortunately, not many companies understand the essence of customer loyalty. But for the leading companies like BlueStar Technology Solutions, it is not only the mere words, but a foundation pillar. The three-year young IT solutions provider already hosts of primarily Fortune 500 clientele across retail, healthcare, financial services and media & entertainment industries, and has also been the breeding ground for best-in-class talent with extensive experience across industries they serve. 

Spearheaded by Raj Lakshumanan, President & Managing Partner who is a seasoned industry visionary and torch bearer of the company, BlueStar leverages technology to enrich customers with better agility and flexibility, which constructs strong businesses driven by Business Intelligence (BI). With more than 18 years of experience in IT and business, Raj has been instrumental in leading the company’s business development and technology strategies, which have lured the company to be on a smooth vertical growth curve to success.He is highly known for his core values of providing opportunity and fostering entrepreneurship to crystallize employee loyalty. With a strong screening process that powers the company to handpick the right resource, BlueStar empowers their crew to be a part of their customer’s journey in all their business challenges.

The Cloud: one size doesn’t fit all

Bob Sonchen has a little extra office space. The brokerage and consulting firm president moved his technology infrastructure to the cloud more than three years ago. The result?  Easy no-maintenance access to his business data any time, any place…and office real estate in place of a dedicated server closet.

“No servers,” said Sonchen, president of IFS Benefits LLC in Newark and Lewes. “And I don’t want to ever have a server. I just feel more nimble and I wouldn’t want to ever be burdened down again.”

While Sonchen went “all in,” similar small to mid-size businesses like his are just testing the waters, paying attention to trends that suggest cloud technology is a massive data elixir promising agility, scalability and simple access to vast amounts of information for fewer dollars.

According to Delaware experts in the technology industry, moving to the cloud makes sense for the startup, thanks to low cost or easy entry. Larger companies have the luxury of migrating to private cloud services or tailoring their deployment models to meet their public and security needs.

For the mid-size company, however, questions abound, but experts say so do the choices  — with cloud options that range from email and desktop exchange servers to security and backup resources stored in a virtual server.