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How does it work?

RecENGINEā„¢ processes complex data sets using R/SAS based on a predictive algorithm, which accurately defines the risk profile of a customer followed by rule based segmentation to define characteristics of a particular segment to be targeted for a particular offer. Data is dynamically updated for each customer to recommend offers.

What are some of the functional highlights of Sentimentics?

Web URLs are variable parameters defined in configuration files – at anytime new web URL can be added or removed from web crawling and data mining; Categorization of the Sentiments are predefined; Sentiments are defined as positive and negatives words as per the AFINN dictionary; Automatic schedule to run the sentiment data analysis of to produce reports; The end reports can be produced in the form of Graphs, data is spreadsheets for further processing; Sentiment tracking can use multiple dimensions for analysis to allow for proactive, customer insight driven actions