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VizMaster uses GUI to show a company’s performance by using portfolio and outer layer social information to extract, analyze, process data and visually present it on map highlighting business impact by region. Integrating knowledge from multiple sources, the resulting analyses are displayed as easy to use graphs to visualize core business information like for simple interpretation and analysis.


RecENGINE™ is a first of its kind business intelligence & analytics tool that dynamically recommends offers at the customer level, effectively optimizing marketing best practices. RecENGINE™ uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to completely analyze personalized consumer behavioral data and accurately predict the credit and risk worthiness of a customer profile.


Sentimentics is a customizable system designed for sentiment analysis of Companies on the web. Sentiments can be identified as positive, neutral, or negative comments on the web from any publicly accessible site or app where users post comments including Twittter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Glassdoor, Angie’s list etc. Resulting analyses are displayed as easy to use graphs for simple interpretation data.