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And we do it all at a moment’s notice—offering better agility and flexibility than large consulting firms that are hampered by red tape and legacy processes. Headquartered in Voorhees, New Jersey, Bluestar Technology Solutions is led by a team of technology experts and innovators with more than two decades of experience. We work with global enterprises and mid-sized organizations in the financial services, telecommunications, media, retail, government, and healthcare industries.

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RecENGINE™ is a first of its kind business intelligence & analytics tool that dynamically recommends offers at the customer level, effectively optimizing marketing best practices. RecENGINE™ uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to completely analyze personalized consumer behavioral data and accurately predict the credit and risk worthiness of a customer profile.


Do you have technical expertise in technologies like Big Data, cloud computing, e-commerce and mobility? Do you have deep industry experience and know what it takes to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs in enterprise IT organizations?

If so, BlueStar wants to hear from you.

We offer our employees and consultants competitive salaries, enviable benefits, and opportunity for growth. In tough economic times when other companies are taking innovation off the agenda, we offer training opportunities that enable our employees to flourish in ever-changing technology environments. Our nationally recognized trainers, authors, and speakers come to our dedicated training office to provide certified training at all levels in all technologies—enabling our employees to actively experience the power of innovation in today’s IT world.

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