Posted Date: 9/18/2015 | Employment Type: | Location: Improve Efficiency. Increase scalability.

According to Cisco, 2014 is the first year the majority of workloads will be in the cloud. The benefits of this trend are unmistakable. As many as 82% of businesses claim to have saved money by downsizing their IT infrastructure after adopting cloud solutions.

The advantages don’t end with cost savings. Businesses also benefit from greater scalability, responsiveness, and operational efficiency. Enabling a service-based IT delivery model, the cloud offers “off the shelf” hardware and large-scale virtualization for processing, storage, and application development.

With an in-depth analysis of your business and IT objectives, we’ll develop a holistic cloud strategy that considers:

  • ul-new Budget requirements
  • ul-new Technical capabilities and constraints
  • ul-new Consumption


  • ul-new Scalability requirements
  • ul-new Risk and vulnerability management
  • ul-new Compliance with government and industry regulations
  • ul-new Organizational change strategy
  • ul-new Comprehensive migration strategy

After defining a cloud roadmap and choosing the right platform, we’ll work with you to develop and manage a cloud infrastructure, extend applications to cloud platforms, and provision and manage cloud resources.

“Cloud has finally started to move beyond the hype and into the very fabric of today’s enterprise…. As cloud begins to become more mainstream within the business environment, we are seeing organizations move from the ‘when and why’ of the cloud adoption process to instead focus on the ‘how’.”


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