Posted Date: 9/24/2015 | Employment Type: | Location: Sell products faster, easier, & cheaper online.

E-commerce, online and mobile, has reinvented the way we browse for and purchase products & services.

E-commerce has reinvented the way we browse for and purchase products and services. From 2011 to 2016, 15% more people will shop online, taking the total number of online shoppers to 192 million in the U.S. And analysts say that an explosion in the mobile payments market is imminent. According to eMarketer, the U.S. mobile payments market was worth $640 million in 2012. By 2016, that number will rise to $62.24 billion.

E-commerce solutions offer many advantages to businesses and enable you to:

• Overcome geographical limitations and offer more than what a physical store can hold
• Gain new customers with search engine visibility
• Reduce costs and the price per sale
• Provide comparison shopping
• Enable deals, bargains, coupons, and group buying
• Provide detailed product information and customer reviews
• Gather detailed customer information
• Remain open all the time, 24/7/365
• Create markets for niche products

With a comprehensive analysis of your sales, marketing, and IT objectives, we’ll create an e-commerce solution that allows you to capitalize on these benefits. What’s more, all front-end solutions will be fully integrated with your back-end enterprise platforms including offers, billing, contracts, third-party validation, and more.


“E-commerce and mobile commerce have dramatically changed the way brands reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the hassles of going to the store.”

~ Hil Davis, Co-founder, online men’s retailer J. Hilburn

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