How Effective E-commerce Strategy Benefits you to sell your Products in Current Competition Era

Posted Date: 9/18/2015 | Employment Type: | Location: September 14, 2015

Small/Medium category entrepreneurs are shy away from modernization and techniques to sell their product effectively and at high volume, in turn market is captured by giants and their growth goes immense vertically up. It is all about how you make your own strategy and make it works to stand in competitive market and see yourself to compete giants. E-commerce is something small/medium category entrepreneurs could use as a tool or a mean to grow them exponentially in competitive market.

How it works:
Retailers are now at the end of cold season and started coming out of their caves for buying stuff and enjoying out in coming monsoon with family and we are reaching to holidays to come in 2015 too. School, College Grades, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas are on the boards. In 2015, shoppers are expected to spend 33% of their shopping time online – up from 2014. 2015 will be smashing 2014 by the new record of turnover and this is all with the help of online shopping which we call as e-commerce. This means, small or medium e-commerce merchants have lot of opportunity to increase their sales, showcase by leaps and bounds. If you are thinking how you are going to beat big guys such as Amazon and, don’t. With that in mind, here are some proven tactics that will help you adopt a scientific approach to addressing business problems and driving the right decisions.In this competitive market Bluestar Technology Solutions’s provide you the tool to implement the following five tips to reach your goal immediately:


1. Unique marketing strategies: You need to be innovative, different and unique with your marketing strategies. You need to implement those strategies that e-commerce giants such as Amazon don’t. One such tactic is to include a blog on the store that offers useful information to your target audience. You just need to identify your target audience/customer and understand their needs and make your campaigning accordingly. For example, if you are having a store that offer sports accessories, blog about basketball and football. Talk about different types of gear that’s required. When consumers are flooded with discount coupons, offer something unique to them that helps them make better shopping choices.

2. Be original: Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the right time to showcase your originality. Along with offering useful discounts and combo offers, launch a new product that only you are offering. This is especially advantageous if those products aren’t offered by other major e-commerce stores. In short, position your store as a specialty store to gain recognition and credibility.

3. Shipping threshold: Don’t try to compete with big giant’s shipping discounts. They are infeasible and next to impossible for small e-commerce merchants. If you want to offer some kind of “deal/discounts” with shipping, then set an order threshold or some limit of buying items. For example, you can design promotional campaigns offering free shipping over orders worth $30.

4. Personally connect with customers (Reach): Try to do what big e-commerce stores can’t do: personal connection with the customers. Reach out your customer base and know them at a more personal level, more mouth publicity and hoardings. Offer them personalized shopping experience and customer support during holidays because your customers just don’t pay for the product. They pay for the entire shopping experience. So some people will just go to your e-commerce online store without even searching for alternatives. As a result, you can sell items without ever having to market them

5. Don’t annoy your current customers: Just don’t overdo email marketing and make them frustrate. It’s really annoying to receive 10 emails in a week from your favorite online store. If you are having a niche store, better connect with your customers personally and discuss how you can improve their shopping experience in the upcoming season. Also, narrow your search based on what customer is looking for, don’t offer side things which annoy him and make him a decision to not to come to you again.

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