Bluestar is an end2end Technology Solutions Provider in the areas of Big Data, Cloud, Business Intelligence, e-commerce and Mobile. Bluestar’s mission is to excel in delivering enterprise level technology solutions to it’s Fortune 500 clientele with highest quality, on time and within budget.

  • Big Data

    Transform Big Data into big insights.

    Big Data is growing exponentially every day—in quantity, variety, and speed. The International Data...

  • Business Intelligence

    Insightful business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence is a concept that typically involves the delivery and integration of relevant...

  • Cloud

    Improve Efficiency. Increase scalability.

    According to Cisco, 2014 is the first year the majority of workloads will be...

  • E-Commerce

    Make buying easy for your customers

    Fuse marketing & IT into single platforms that promote brand and capture revenue. E-commerce...

  • Mobility

    Connect anytime, anywhere.

    Reach customers with integrated mobile experiences across platforms & devices. It’s a mobile world....


Blog Entries

Minimizing Risk With Big Data & Analytics

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is a global risk for governments and financial institutions.  Many financial institutions such as banks and...

How Effective E-commerce Strategy Benefits you to sell your Products in Current Competition Era

Small/Medium category entrepreneurs are shy away from modernization and techniques to sell their product effectively and at high volume,...

Why Digital Targeting Is Important?

We all remember the times when internet was only synonymous to terms like email and chat. E-commerce and communication...

VizMaster – Insightful Business Intelligence with 4D Data Visualization

Market dynamics have made it imperative for companies to assertively adapt for greater customer engagement at every stage of...

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